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Finnish title : Nyrkki

The Fist


2 seasons

18 episodes



Finland, Spring of 1956. While the Finnish president is starting his first term amid a general strike and riots, the Fist, a secret task group, is recovering from the great sacrifices it had to make to prevent the USA and the USSR from meddling in the election.

The youngest member of the group, Helena, is still trying to figure out her parent’s destiny, unaware of the existence of a secret fascist organization called the brothers of Hate, that is plotting against the government with the support of the CIA.

It’s time for Helena to grow into the leader she was born to be and take the Fist to battle once again to keep their country independent.




Additional info:

Directed by one of the Nordics best Directors AJ Anilla (Peacemaker, The Eternal road)  Featuring on the Sundance channel in the USA and Canada it has also been sold to SBS Australia, AMC Spain  Viasat across Eastern Europe as well as many others.

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