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I grew up originally in Glasgow, in the 70's. I was so Scottish that my dad was in a pipe band and I used to take Scottish country dance lessons on a Sunday. On the inside I'm a red and green tartan check. 


I moved to England in the mid 1980's and at 14 years old was possibly the worst breakdancer known to mankind, I called myself, 'Sniper' and joined the 'Crucial Crew', carrying my mates mums old linoleum kitchen flooring around with me, to lay down at any moment to battle another crew. Double cringe. 

After a degree in Media production, I started my own production crewing company. We grew from one MTV gig in 1996, to filming for every major broadcaster. In that time I was lucky that I got to watch and learn how every director and producer would work and I gleaned my skills from the sidelines. 

I started directing for MTV around 1999, with shoots with every artist around the world including, Aerosmith, Amy Winehouse, Run DMC, Destiny’s Child, Kylie, Mariah, James Brown, U2 and many many more. I then set up, Holster Films, in which I worked as a producer and director across a wide range of TV series, branded content and commercials, with brands including Adidas, Nike, Durex, Diageo, Casio and UFC 

I was keen to follow my passions so after music I wanted to conquer sports and continued directing in that arena making content and commercials for the infamous Nike Joga bonito campaign and Adidas with the biggest names in sport; Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Lionel Messi and Ronaldo. The true GOATS of the 21st century. 


At the same time I was directing a number of series in documentary, factual entertainment and the Ob doc world for BBC, ITV, SKY, Ch 4, Discovery and Nat Geo. With a whole range of producers both in the UK and globally. Picking up an array of awards for my merits. 


I stepped into scripted drama in 2016 and haven't looked back. Making over 40 original series, that have been seen in over 100 territories, showcasing on channels such as HBO, Hulu, Disney, Sky Showtime, BBC, CH4, ZDF and Canal + .  


AWARDS & accolades

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