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Finnish title: Ivalo

3  seasons 

22 episodes 




While following a lead for illegal poaching in Lapland, officer Nina Kautsalo discovers a young woman in a coma being held captive in a cabin, as well as the bodies of two more victims. As the manhunt for Raunola, the owner of the cabin, gets underway, far futher south in Helsinki the coma patient’s blood tests raises concerns with Dr. Thomas Lorenz, a virologist at the European Centre for Disease Control. Fearing the possibility of a very rare, lethal virus present in Lapland he and his team join the KRP task force heading North to oversee the investigation.





Additional Information


Arctic circle was originally a co-pro with Bavaria (Germany) and was produced by Jarkko Hentula (Borg Vs McEnroe) and co-produced with Mortiz Polter (Das Boot), Freud) Arctic circle was the first Finnish series to primetime on ZDF Germany. Currently the series is co-produced with Topic (USA) and is in its third season.

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